Balaji Superspeciality Hospital

Nuclear Medicine

Balaji Superspecciality Hospital operates multiple Nuclear Medicine scan centres in Delhi NCR which focus their attention towards a high quality yet low-cost service through volumes.

Nuclear Medicine applications are unparalleled for a high-accuracy, cost-efficient and painless diagnosis of body conditions. At House of Diagnostics, we embrace this in our core and present to you, the best in Nuclear Medicine Imaging solutions such as the PET-MRI and PET-CT. While presenting these advanced medical diagnostic imaging technologies, the House of Diagnostics has paid special care and attention to your safety. The nuclear medicine dosage is carefully selected and monitored to ensure minimal radiation exposure, while simultaneously maximizing the accuracy of the test with the best in class machines. Hence, getting diagnosed at the House of Diagnostics, comes with the benefit of safety & care best needed for your patient.

Equipped with state of the art India’s only PET MRI, House of Diagnostics now provides this high-end diagnostic facility in association with Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi. This top-notch equipment is now available in India to revolutionize Cancer detection & follow up studies by drastically decreasing the radiation dose to a patient and forming the most elaborate Cancer screening tool of the present time.

Further, our Nuclear Imaging division’s leading nuclear medicine physicians & radiologists with over decades of experience in this field are here to ensure that your care comes as our first priority. You may wish to read their periodically released medical case studies and newsletters at our Forum.

Simultaneous PET-MRI Scan

Balaji Superspeciality Hospital takes pride in bringing state of the art technology which can simultaneously acquire MR and PET data across the whole body for the first time in India.

Ultra HD Pet CT

427 slices per second Ultra HD PET CT with Time of Flight technology is the Nation’s most advanced PET CT Scanner.

Motion Free PET CT

32 slice Motion Free PET CT scan facility is now available at affordable pricing without compromising on patient safety and report quality parameters

Dual Head Gamma Camera

Conventional Nuclear Medicine Scans are being conducted using state of the art Dual Head Gamma Camera for complete nuclear medicine disease workup.