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Cancer Institute Division of Radiation Oncology

Balaji SS Hospital is
committed to provide best –
in- class precision radiation
therapy. The technology and
equipment being commissioned
is comparable to that available
in the most advanced centres
across the globe. A meticulous
planning with accurate delivery
is aimed to ensure optimal
patient treatment with a
human touch.


Balaji Superspeciality Hospital is a comprehensive Institute with a mission to provide ‘Holistic Care’ to patients. A team of highly qualified and dedicated doctors is supported by a cutting edge technology to add years with a good Quality of Life (QOL).The introduction of VMAT(volumetric arc therapy) on Infinity Linear accelerator- The first in India will reduce the radiation delivery time to 2 minutes even for the most complex Intensity Modulated RadioTherapy(IMRT). The frameless StereotacticBody Radiotherapy (SBRT) from Elekta
is being established for the first time in the country and is capable of treating Lung and Liver tumours in less than 20minutes.An Integrated Brachytherapy Unit (IBU) for intra operative and per operative treatments along with prostate seed implants is being commissioned to extend the ultimate conformal radiation for early tumours or as a boost along with external beam treatment.A protocol based approach for management of Brain tumours, Head and Neck cancers, Breast cancer, Gynaecological cancers, Urological malignancies, Soft tissue sarcomas, Lymphomas, Paediatric tumours, Gastro intestinal and Lung cancer is being established to ensure an international standard of care. The innovative techniques being introduced include Image Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT) with X-Ray Volume Imaging(XVI)giving a virtual CT scan on the Linear accelerator in real time. The availability of molecular imaging in the form of PET-CT for fusion with MRI(3.0 Tesla) ,CT Scan(256 slice) and CT –Simulation (32 slice) will reduce the chances of a geographic miss as well as optimize the tumour coverage. The philosophy of ‘Holistic Care’ and protocol based management will ensure a transparent evaluation of treatment outcomes and will transpire into an academic milieu to build bridges across internationally renowned Health Care Institutions

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